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When we established persona part in the middle of the 1990s, in this country temporary work was still a nascent activity struggling to shrug off prejudices. Even then we saw ourselves as the strategic partner for our customers, whom we were able to help gain greater competitiveness by way of flexible HR solutions.

In Germany and France

Human resources at its best

we link the best possible tasks and people so that our customers remain competitive amid the requirements of future employment markets such as maximum hiring out periods and equal pay.


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Markus Tritschler
Managing Director at persona part group

“As a competitive factor, work is becoming ever more important: specialists are becoming harder to locate, more sought after and therefore also more expensive. Today, companies need a lasting and wide-ranging personnel strategy. Those planning for their employee requirements on a medium to long-term basis can gain an advantage in the applicant market. We’ll provide the flexibility at short notice.”

Bernhard Krahn
Managing Director at persona part group

“In view of the increasing shortage of specialists, we have significantly intensified our recruitment measures and expanded our international network. In addition, we are investing in the further and advanced training of our employees to satisfy the quality level requirements. That means we are even more in demand as an employer.”